Ergonomic tools

The ErgoMouse visualises important knowledge on healthy seated posture.

The HUMEN® workstation analysis identifies incorrect posture at the workstation and provides tips for improvement.

Health and motivation

The correct setting makes the difference

Individual standing-sitting workstations

A good office chair has many settings and enables the user to adjust it to their individual body size and proportions. The body has to adapt to the habit of working in a standing position. Productivity increases when standing - but it's variety that counts.

The best thing is to start with 5 minutes an hour. A height-adjustable table, ideally one that transforms into a standing workstation at the touch of a button, supports the habit.

Office / industry trainer

With the Office/Industry Trainer movement and stretching programme, people can get the most out of their health-promoting workplace furnishings. The five-minute training programme prevents muscular tension, promotes concentration, and ensures increased movement.
As a poster or brochure,The Office / Industry Trainer reminds people to move during every working day.